A6Hi Amanda

Thank you so much. I just read and re-read your message which is so lovely.

I have had a really fantastic week where I feel I could use and put into practice what we worked through.  Your sessions always have an amazing way of grounding me and giving me a true sense of clarity amongst a lot of the confusion.

I want to thank you so much for the work that we have done together over than last few months it has really given me a fresh perspective. 


Dear Amanda

I’ve had the most fantastic week, stress free and completely productive!

Everything is coming so easily, it has been also affecting other parts of my life too!

Thank you so much for your work! I really feel like the person that I used to be before the anxiety overtook me. I had no experience of kinesiology before, but it was fantastic.

Thanks again 🙂



You are such a pleasant, healing soul.  I was so grateful for your sessions, each very much different and valuable.  I gained so much insight into my own being; leading me to what I could do on a conscious level to heal my process alone, changing thought patterns and behavior.

Knowing that I could be in control was very empowering, there is such science for this practice, and I commend you Amanda, for knowing it all so well.

I would highly recommended anyone to experience a session with you, words that come to mind are; unique, personal, passionate, transformative and healing.

My highest hopes for the success and its endeavors for 2014.

Allisha Waterman


Such a gift you are to this world, such an honour to work with you in this way.
My #1 spiritual mechanic 🙂

Massive love.  Massive gratitude,

Joshua xo

Thank you Amanda  I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, the reason you are so amazing is your pure mind and heart. I had no experience of Kinesiology before.  I am truly amazed by the effects on my energy you have had.

Life was really hard, what I learnt was life is always going to be hard.  And for those who think this is a quick fix, that it is not. What Amanda gives you is the best tools in life to survive, to breath through anxiety, to feel  through your thoughts and to make you a better human being.  It was a fantastic experience  to learn about myself  and work through my problems and strengthen my strengths.

Each  session always amazed me.  How much it would ground me with my mind, body and soul and still gives me the power to be my own change.  I feel a true sense of clarity amongst a lot of the confusion to help you on your path.

Thank you from all within me.