Tuning our bodies in with the season

Autumn is simply a beautiful time of year. The sky becomes clear and the air becomes crisp. Nature puts on a grand final display – leaves drop in a spectrum of reds, and golden hues of yellow, brown… Read More


As many times as somebody has asked me what Kinesiology is, and what a person can expect to experience in a balance my answer can change and is determined by the person I am speaking with. Kinesiology is… Read More

What do you want in your life? Are you the type of person who wishes their world was different and waits for it to magically appear? or Are you the type of person sets a target and creates… Read More

The body, the wisdom within

  Our body is here to teach us, to lead the way. I am privileged each and every day to be reminded of this through my work and my own personal experience.  No matter how much I read,… Read More

One loving step at a time……

  So one month has passed since I started my journey of loving me.  What a tough gig that is!  You may scoff, giggle or laugh but honestly, turning attention to yourself and choosing loving actions towards self… Read More