About Me


About Me

Amanda Schembri is passionate about helping people to find what it is their heart is speaking and inspire them to make the changes needed to live the life they dream.

All my life, I’ve known that I’ve wanted to help people.

20 years in the corporate world has seen me support and encourage colleagues and executives to find what truly inspires them and create positive working environments.

My holistic approach was born through my own life experiences and understanding what is needed first hand to rise above what life throws your way.

From personally experiencing great loss at age seven, massive weight gain in my teens (well into my 30s), I jumped from diet to diet, relationship to relationship believing that if I could just have the perfect body and the perfect relationship  that would fill the empty space I felt within!

It wasn’t until I devastatingly reached 130 kilos of unhappiness and un-realised dreams that I was left asking the question,

“There has to be more than waking up, working, coming home and doing it all again the next day?”

– a friend introduced me to Kinesiology – it was the instigator for change.

Kinesiology taught me that the body has boundless wisdom and knowledge to teach me if I chose to listen.  I was sincerely surprised at how, in each balance, my Kinesiologist was able to precisely pinpoint how I was feeling just by pressing on my arm (muscle testing).  I didn’t completely understand what was happening however, decisions became easier and I became happier.

Over the years, I’ve learnt that my life depends on me. It isn’t always a perfect science but how I nourish and love my body impacts my world and the action I take.

Change of Balance was born from the need to find balance in my own life and living one’s dream. It is now my privilege to help others create their own dreams and live their best life as their reality.

This is the work I was born to do.

If you are left asking the question: Is there something more?  Than I look forward to meeting and walking your path with you and creating the change you wish to be.

Amanda xx