Change of Balance

Welcome to Kinesiology in Sydney, where it’s all about being the change.

What is it that you want to do with this wild and precious life?

Everybody has a light, a purpose. Everybody has a voice, a desire, a passion, a yearning to experience, feel, and live something more than what they are currently experiencing. It is my job to help you find it.

If you are feeling stuck, scared, frustrated, angry or simply that you are just not where you want to be, than Kinesiology can help.

Simply put, Kinesiology is the beautiful study of the human body in relation to our physical, spiritual and emotional beings, bringing all three into balance.

Kinesiology unlocks the patterns that are holding you back. It identifies the stresses we are experiencing and clears sabotages, limiting beliefs, those nasty old habits that simply won’t disappear and creates new thought patterns, new neural pathways in our brain that breaks those energy patterns that keep us stuck and in pain.

So, if you are tired, stressed, anxious, lacking motivation, or you simply want to reach bigger and better goals for yourself or you are simply asking yourself the question – is there something more? The answer is YES!

I implore you to come inside, have a look around and delve deep in to the wonderful world of YOU and how you can connect to the light within you and live your best life.

be the change

Amanda xx